Active threat-type situations can occur anywhere, quickly, and often unexpectedly. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that education is key to mitigating the effects of these types of incidents. We are proud to protect the community that we serve, as well as educate them on steps that they can take to stay safe in an active threat situation.

Threat Response Training for Community Services is an educational program offered to Santa Rosa County organizations or businesses wanting to learn how to respond to an active shooter situation or mass casualty event. We are offering this program as an “in-class” training, with the option of an assessment and “hands-on” training; it’s versatile for all needs. This training is complimentary.

What does training entail?

Threat Response Training for Community Services typically starts with a 1- hour “Run. Hide. Fight” presentation. Additionally, participants can also request a Physical Security Assessment for their building. Finally, participating organizations can also request to have a hands-on simulation. This portion will be a controlled event involving role players.

Who is this program open to?

Threat Response Training is intended for:
-Houses of worship
-Public gathering sites
-Any other business

How to tailor and schedule training?

Interested organizations, please contact the email below to schedule and tailor a training lesson.