Inmate Accounts

Inmates are charged a $20.00 booking fee at the time of booking and a $2.00 per day subsistence fee for each day of incarceration.

The $2.00 subsistence fee is waived during the time inmates are assigned as inmate workers.

If an account has a negative balance when money is deposited, 50% will go toward the negative balance and 50% will be available for to order commissary and/or fresh favorites.


A KIOSK machine is located in the front lobby of our Main Sheriff’s Office which allows family and friends to deposit cash or credit/debit card to deposit money into inmates commissary and/or phone accounts. This provides inmates with funds to purchase items that are not provided by the facility and the ability to make phone calls. Family and friends can also access the kiosk system from their home computer. Go online to, select the state and facility and click on smart deposit. This will walk you thru the system and you can deposit with Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. There is a fee for these transactions.


Located in the main lobby is a kiosk machine. It accepts Visa/Master card or Debit card. There is a fee for all transactions. Facility locator # 232501

Pay by phone


 Visa/Master card or Debit card are acceptable payment methods . There is a fee for this transaction. Facility locator #232501.


The facility locator number is 232501. Follow the prompts provided. Your email address will be needed for a receipt.

Setting Up Phone Service

GTL Customer Service & Billing Inquiries: 1-877-650-4249

DSI/GTL Advance Pay Automated System : 800-483-8314


Commissary & iCare


Commissary orders are available to inmates housed at the Santa Rosa County Detention Facility. Aramark Correctional Services, a private contractor, currently provides the service. Commissary deliveries are made once a week. Inmates may be restricted from ordering certain items due to medical or disciplinary restrictions.


Santa Rosa County Detention Facility allows loved ones to order care packages to be sent to an inmate. Please note that care packages are limited to one per week and are contingent upon any restrictions the inmate may have due to a medical or disciplinary restrictions.