Frequently Asked Questions
for Sworn Positions


How do I go to the Academy?

To work in a sworn position, Law Enforcement or Corrections, you must be certified in the state of Florida and pass an approved academy. The following locations offer several academy classes throughout the year:

George Stone Technical College – 2400 Longleaf Drive, Pensacola, FL 32526, 850-941-6200

Northwest Florida State College – 100 E College Blvd, Niceville, FL 32578, 850-678-5111

How long is the Hiring Process?

The length of time to process your application will depend on several factors that vary with each round of applicant processing. The biggest factors that impact the timeline are:

1)     The number of applications received for a position

2)     The number of jobs you have held that could lengthen your background processing

3)     The length of time it takes you to provide missing or required documentation

4)     The availability of appointments for pre-employment testing (i.e. psychological evaluation, medical, CVSA, etc.)

5)     Your schedule availability

I’m from Out of State, what does this mean for me?

If you are a former or current law enforcement officer from another state, you may qualify for equivalency of training in the state of Florida. This means that you will not have to attend a full law enforcement academy, but would be eligible to attend a shortened, 40 hour high liability transition course. To see if you qualify, please contact:

Mary A. Sumner

Equivalency of Training Coordinator

George Stone Criminal Justice Training Center

(850)941-6200 x2395


What are Disqualifying Factors?

Falsifying application.

Drug Usage within the exclusion window.

Poor Driving history.

Criminal History.

What equipment am I assigned?

A Deputy Sheriff is issued complete sets of uniforms to include dress uniforms and training uniforms, etc. A Patrol vehicle will be assigned, consisting of either a Charger, Explorer, Tahoe or a Pickup. A Glock 17 with state of the art Trijicon red dot sights. AR-15 with suppressor. Duty gear belt with less lethal equipment, cuffs, ammo, bodycam, portable radio and more. Sheriff Johnson consistently seeks to provide a balance between high tech, safe and fiscally responsible equipment. 

Still have questions?

Contact our HR Departement at 850-983-1100