SRSO Jail 

 The Department of Detention is responsible for the operation of the Santa Rosa County Detention Facility. More commonly known as the “Jail”, our facility has a collective of separate specialized units, all working towards a shared objective: delivering top-tier care, custody, and control for our inmate population. Our sworn Detention Deputies, professional and contract staff address inmate needs and provide inmates with a safe environment filled with essential tools and resources crucial for success during their transition back into civilian life.

Our facility has a maximum housing capacity of 810 detainees with twenty-three dorms for housing along with a specialized medical unit. The facility is of a podular-style that houses all custody levels that range from pre-trail detainees to inmates with sentences of less than one year. We also house U.S. Marshal and FBOP inmates by contract with the U.S. Marshal’s Service. Funds generated from this contract go to the Santa Rosa County General Fund. 


Admissions, Classification, and Release is the basis of our Detention Facility. The ACR is responsible for processing both new intakes and releases. The ACR is at the forefront of ensuring the safety and security of inmates and detention deputies. The ACR unit works closely with Classification and Transportation to introduce inmates into the facility, coordinate inmate court dates, and process releases of incarcerated persons.


The Classification Unit is comprised of professional staff and sworn deputies who are commited to preserving security and order within our detention facility. Classifications is tasked with categorizing the inmates into different custody levels based on charges and behavior. This unit is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that inmates attend all required court dates. In coordination with our ACR, Transportation, Security, and other agencies, our Classification Unit is paramount in upholding the highest security standards.


The Programs Unit is vital in fostering connections and support for our inmate population. Committed to addressing their immediate needs, enhancing their quality of life, and aiding in their transition back into civilian life. The goal is to provide inmates the opportunity to improve their educational level, learn new work and life skills, and begin the treatment process to confront substance abuse and domestic violence problems.


Interfaith Jail Ministry is a nondenominational ministry that offers hope, faith, and guidance in times of need for inmates, employees, and their families. We offer over 160 services and bible studies a month. We furnish Catholic, Christian, Jehovah’s Witness Bibles, the Quran, and other religious items.