Crime effects all of us. It can endanger our personal safety, damage public and private property, create fear and lower our quality of life.

Law Enforcement and Community Partnerships create an opportunity to work together to improve the safety of our community. We do this by sharing information about neighborhood crime issues and discussing ideas and tips on how to solve and prevent them. The safety of our community is a shared responsibility and crime prevention is everybody’s business.

We want to address a frequently heard statement. ” I dont want to bother the Sheriff’s Office with petty information”.

Nothing can be further from the truth. No one knows their neighborhood better than those who live there. Yes, we actively patrol your neighborhood but we also drive highly visible, reflective marked patrol cars. It’s the little things that count that mostly YOU will notice. Major cases have been resolved by observant citizens reporting things they initially thought was “Just a bother” or petty to us. Just call our non-emergency number at 850-983-1190.

To address these issues, we are recommending 2 online services which we partner with.

Nextdoor App

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Nextdoor is a “Virtual” neighborhood watch application. With over 30,000 Santa Rosa County Citizens already signed up, it will automatically sort your neighborhood by location. Share what you want, discuss community safety topics. Then when you want Law Enforcement to get in on the conversation, just invite us in. 

Neighbors App by Ring

Neighbors is also a “Virtual” neighborhood watch application with the ability to share video. You do not specifically need a Ring camera to share video. You can upload video from any product. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office partnered with Ring in the early part of 2020. Now, when you share a video to your local area, we also receive it. 

The benefits of Virtual Neighborhood Watch Programs:

  • Added community involvement
  • No need to hold meetings or wait to share thoughts or ideas.
  • Live, online updates.
  • Stay abreast of latest events
  • Participate when its best for you.
  • Share information instantaneously.  

Crime Prevention programs and services are designed to provide you the tools you need to participate in crime prevention efforts in your neighborhood. Traditional neighborhood watch programs also work.Start building your safety toolkit today! To learn how to begin a neighborhood watch program just visit this link below.

For Neighborhood Watch information, click HERE

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Coordinator works diligently with members of our communities and businesses daily, to foster good working relationships.  The Crime Prevention Coordinator is committed to the task of stopping a crime before it can occur.  This is accomplished through education, awareness, and extensive training.  We continue to take the lead in crime prevention and safety education of our citizens and the visitors who visit the Santa Rosa County area each year