Business Contact Program

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office wants to partner with local businesses to keep you, your staff, and business locations safe. To better assist you, we have a Master Business Index which assists us in determining important emergency information in the event we respond to a business.

One of the most difficult and challenging aspects of our job is locating individuals when an emergency takes place. Should something occur like an unlocked door, a burglary or any type of emergency, This program helps us get in contact with you.

Thousands of businesses throughout Santa Rosa County actively participate in our MBC program. To get started, fill out the downloadable form listed below. Once the information is completed and entered into our system, we issue the business a unique decal to place on your front door that helps us identify and access the time-sensitive information you provided us. The information is then relayed to law enforcement personnel on scene.

After completing this form, Email it to We will then verify the information and then provide your business with your unique decal.

Protecting our community is our priority.