By Mail





5755 E. Milton Rd, Milton FL 32572


Mail containing cash will not be accepted, all contents will be returned to sender. Inmates may receive money in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, checks from another correctional facility, or government checks. All money orders must be made payable to:

Aramark Correctional Service,

c/o “Inmates name” (as booked)

5755 E. Milton Rd, Milton FL 32572

All money orders must list the purchaser’s name and address. All money must be kept separate from personal letters. Account information will NEVER be given out over the phone or to any person other than the inmate. MAIL: Inmates are encouraged to correspond with their family and attorney through the mail. There will be NO CORRESPONDENCE between inmates incarcerated in the Santa Rosa County Jail, regardless of relationship. Except for holidays, mail is forwarded to and received from the post office, Monday through Friday. All inmate mail must be properly addressed (see below)

By Telephone

All Inmates, Friends & Family Members

Effective Monday, June 20, 2016 the following rates will change for the Inmate Phone System located
at the Santa Rosa County Jail. These changes only apply to the inmate phones and not video

  • There will no longer be a flat rate of $2.25 for a 15‐minute. Each call will be charged per minute and
    the rates are listed below. You will only be charged for the number of minutes you talk.
  • Interstate calls (long distance calls) made using a collect format will be $0.25 per minute
  • Intrastate calls (calls within Florida) whether made using a collect, debit, prepaid/AdvancePay format
    will be $0.21 per minute.
  • International calls, whether made using a debit, prepaid/AdvancePay format: Rates published on the
    Global Tel Link Corporation website.
  • No per call, per connection or flat‐rate calling charges shall apply to international, interstate, and
    intrastate calls.

Transaction Fees: GTL may charge certain Transaction Fees in accordance with the following amounts:

  • Fee for automated payment for credit card, debit card, and
    bill processing fees
    $3.00 per use
  • Fee for payment using live operator $5.95 per use
  • Fee for paper bill/statement $2.00 per use
  • Fee for use of third‐party money transmitter (e.g.,
    MoneyGram, Western Union, credit card processing,
    transfers from third‐party commissary accounts)
  • The exact fee from the third‐party provider passed through
    directly to customer with no markup

By E-Mail

Electronic – messaging services is an environment friendly alternative to
allow communication with loved ones. E-messaging connects family and
friends with inmates using a fast, low cost and easy email style
electronic messaging system. Thee-messaging system saves time and
money over traditional postal mail.
Each message has a cost equivalent to $1.00 (Includes an initial
incoming message and an outgoing response)
Faster delivery times than the Postal Service
Is less expensive than buying a stamp
Is less expensive than buying an envelope
Is less expensive than buying paper
System does not allow attachments to the message (i.e. photos,
documents, etc.)
All electronic messages are reviewed by staff.
To use the email service, visit ICARE GIFTS/ and
create an account.

By Video Visitation –



The last date to conduct visitation with the current Visitation vendor, HomeWav, will be on 10/22/18.  A new visitation company, Telmate, will assume visitation responsibilities on 10/25/18.

No visitation will take place on 10/23/18 and 10/24/18 due to HomeWav stations being removed from the jail and Telmate stations replacing the HomeWav stations.  Visitors will have the capability of registering in the new system during the dates visitation does not occur. All visitors will be required to schedule a visit 48 hours in advance. You may schedule a visit  up to 14 days in advance..

All scheduled visits are conducted between the visitor and the detainee. Staff does not intervene with pre-scheduled visits, except to review the legitimacy of visitors.  If a visit is terminated and/or canceled, the Telmate system will notify the visitor and detainee through the vendor’s website.

Visits are cancelled if a detainee moves from a housing location to another housing location. Visits are also terminated if staff disapproves a visitor or detainee due to violation of the rules and/or the visitor does not meet the Santa Rosa County Jail standards. Telmate simply verifies information entered is correct prior to staff reviewing the visitor’s information. Visitors can register via the vendor’s website or the front lobby kiosk. Once visitors are approved through Telmate, staff reviews visitors of the following criteria:

1) Active local warrants           2) Domestic Violence Injunctions         3) Bond Conditions (No Contact order)       4) Previous Incarceration

Note:  The revised schedule allows visitors more access to the detainee population, away from the facility, at no cost, unless the detainee has used his/her allotment of two (2) hours a week of free visitation.  Local visits (Front lobby) are more restrictive during the week, but the schedule has been expanded to include the weekend.