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The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, Florida USA

In the event of an emergency, DIAL 911. For non-emergency dispatch call 850-983-1190.
For general information contact: 850-983-1100.

Sheriff Bob Johnson

2021 begins Sheriff Johnson’s second term as Sheriff of Santa Rosa County. In 2020, he ran unopposed. Sheriff Johnson is known for being out in the field with his staff, taking calls for service, conducting traffic stops and talking with the Citizens of Santa Rosa County. He has over 39 years of Law Enforcement experience and has worked in every division at our Agency. .

Delivering Results

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, constitutional policing for all of our citizens. Combined with the human element, we strive every day to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and excellence.

Hire, Train, and Maintain and Effective Staff

The citizens of Santa Rosa County deserve the highest quality law enforcement available. For that reason, we hire the best, expect the best, invest the most into our staff. 

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Important notice from santa rosa county sheriff's office and u.s. department of homeland security about an upcoming steering committee meeting on january 18, 2024, at 9:00 am.
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The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer and provider. EEOP report is available by clicking HERE .

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office will not condone the use of bias based policing in any investigative action or citizen contact. Bias based policing alienates citizens, fosters distrust of law enforcement by the community, and invites allegations of violations of constitutional rights of the citizens we serve.

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