The Media Relations Unit is staffed by a Public information officer (PIO). The PIO is responsible for releasing Sheriff’s Office information to the media and the public. This is done through direct communications with the investigators and the staff who work on cases. Press releases are written and developed concerning major crimes, arrests, or other topics of interest.

In the event of a major crisis, the PIO at the direction of the Sheriff will coordinate news conferences and disseminate news to the public on a timely basis. The Media Relations Unit is also responsible for our social media and the Sheriff’s Office website.

For reports and records, please contact our records unit at 850-983-1268.

Nighttime view of the santa rosa county sheriff's office with illuminated signage and a lit monument in the foreground.
Portrait of a smiling woman in a sheriff's uniform, standing in front of the american flag.

Jillian Durkin

Public Information Officer