The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit is supervised by Sgt Clay Smith and made up of 11 K9 Handler/Dog teams.  These teams include the Handlers and K9’s assigned to the School Resource Program and the Santa Rosa Jail.

Within the K9 Unit, several dog breeds serve Santa Rosa County. We have the Belgian Malinois, the German Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd, the German Shorthaired Pointer, the Labrador and the Bloodhound.

8 of our K-9’s are dual-purpose dogs that are trained to locate illegal narcotics, as well as search for and apprehend high-risk criminals who have fled from law enforcement to avoid capture. These dogs have been through extensive training to certify and work the streets. The K-9 Teams are constantly training to ensure these valuable tools/partners keep up their skills.

We have 2 single purpose dogs trained only in narcotic detection, they work within our Santa Rosa County Schools and Jail.  Their primary goal is to deter illegal contraband from finding its way into our facilities.  These dogs have also been through extensive training to ensure reliability.

Our newest K9 Program, the Bloodhound Teams are tasked with locating missing people such as lost children or elderly in Santa Rosa County.  From its initial launch of this newest K9 Program, Sheriff’s Johnson’s expectations were met with documented success and recovery of both adults and children of Santa Rosa County.