The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit is made up of 17 working K9’s. 

Supervised by Sgt. Chrystal Bozard and Sgt. Robert Lenzo, they are tasked with patrol duties, contraband detection duties, tracking duties, and community outreach. 

The SRSO K9 Unit uses several dog breeds to serve the citizens of Santa Rosa County. We have Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, German Shorthaired Pointers, a Labrador and Bloodhounds. 

Many of our K9s are dual-purpose, meaning they are trained to search for and apprehend high-risk criminals and locate illegal narcotics or explosives. 

Other K9s on our Unit are single purpose dogs that are trained to locate illegal narcotics or electronic devices. They work within our District Schools, our Detention Facility, and on our Criminal Interdiction Team.

Our Bloodhounds are trained for the sole purpose of tracking. The Bloodhound Tracking Team is tasked with locating missing people or wanted fugitives in Santa Rosa County. 

All of the SRSO K9 Unit K9s have been through extensive training to certify and protect Santa Rosa County.