In any community it is necessary to respect the rights and privileges of others and to accept responsibility for your own actions.  This is needed to an even greater degree in an institution of this type.  While you are in the county jail, we expect you to take advantage of the opportunities provided to assist you.  You will also be expected to follow the rules and regulations of this facility.

This bulletin contains information about what you can expect during your stay here at the county jail.  It explains how you can be bonded out, when you will see the judge, and rules that must be followed while you are here.  The bulletin briefly summarizes the arrest, booking, and classification process.  You will also find information on inmate privileges, the request/grievance system, and other topics.  Be sure to pay particular attention to the rules and regulations and disciplinary procedures.  If you violate any of these rules, administrative and/or legal action can be taken against you.

Sheriff Bob Johnson

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