Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office now offers the opportunity for law enforcement officers, retired or separated from service, to qualify with a firearm under the HR 218 House Bill 143.

Qualification for Eligibility:

You must meet the HR-218 requirements to participate in this course, be a retired member of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, and/or a current Santa Rosa County, Florida resident.  P.O. Boxes will not be considered in place of a current address.

Please come to the Sheriff’s Office to fill out the necessary forms before attending the course.  Items to bring with you are your driver’s license and retired law enforcement officer identification card.

How to register for an upcoming class:

Scroll down to the listed event dates at the bottom of this page, then choose a date you would like to attend HR-218.

This will take you to the registration page, from there you will need to complete the application in its entirety. If any portion of the application is left blank, the application cannot be accepted.

Registration will be opened 45 days prior to the date of the class, registration will close 14 days prior to the date of the class. These 2 weeks are needed to process and confirm all the paperwork required for each class so please make sure you are register as soon as possible.

Upon completing the registration form, a Criminal History check will be conducted on each applicant. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to disqualify any applicant based on their prior Criminal History.

What to bring the date of class:

You will need to supply your own  serviceable handgun and 40 rounds of ammunition. Semi-automatic pistol shooters should have at least TWO magazines, three is preferred.

You must have a strong-side belt or paddle holster which safely and securely holds your handgun to your body.

Inside-the pant (including AIWB), small-of-back, shoulder, ankle or pocket holsters and  firearms with attached “belt clips”  ARE NOT permitted.

Although we have eye and ear protection at the range, it is recommended that you bring your own. Electronic hearing protection is highly recommended but not required.  Please do not wear open toe shoes or clothing that will restrict free movement or get in the way of a weapon draw or re-holster.


There will be absolutely no handling of Firearms without being instructed to do so by a Range Instructor.

On the date of class:

Your handgun must be in a safe and operable condition.  For safety reasons, any handgun may be denied use if the instructor deems it unsafe.  If a revolver type handgun is to be used, it must be double/single-action.  NO “single-action only” revolvers are permitted..

There will be a safety briefing before qualification starts, and it is requested that everyone have their firearm unloaded when reporting to the range.  Magazines, speed loaders/strips may be loaded prior to arrival.

For information and scheduling issues for this course please contact:

Sgt. Joel Murphey

Office: 850-983-1297

Paula Way

Office: 850-983-1244

pway@srso.netThe available course dates are listed belo