Citizens Law Enforcement Academy

We are in the process of announcing a new class for this fall. To register, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Dates to be added soon.

All too often a person’s perception of law enforcement is that which is learned from crime-action television shows or movies. Although these captivate the public’s imagination they are not always reality based.  Those that depict “real life” situations only reflect a small portion of reality.  

In view of this, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office wants to educate the local citizenry on the agency’s internal structure and the integral part that the agency plays in the local community.  By attending the “Citizens Law Enforcement Academy” you will learn how to better protect yourself from being a crime victim, how to report crime, and the ramifications of committing a crime. You will receive knowledge on officer training & equipment, what constitutes a crime, and how to differentiate between “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause.”

You will watch police K-9s in action, learn about the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T.), see how a crime scene is handled and incriminating evidence is collected. You will learn the “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” methodology, the use of firearms & tasers and what it is like to be an inmate behind bars. You will also be able to take a tour of the county jail, see evidence collection and a demonstration of officer firearms training at the firearms range of the main Sheriff’s Office in East Milton.  

This academy is FREE and open to Santa Rosa County residents 18 and older.  


Seating is limited! Apply now by downloading your application by clicking below or by contacting the Crime Prevention Unit at 850-983-1236 or and we can get you a paper application.

Email your application and photocopy of valid ID to JKOVAC@SRSO.NET