Know The Law Booklet

We dedicate this guide to the young people of Florida. We hope that it will
be of value to both you and your parents or guardians. If you know the laws
that apply to you, you can make good decisions about your education, your
job, or your behavior. So take time to consider the law and weigh all of the
consequences before you act.

As a member of society, you need to know your rights, privileges, and
responsibilities. Knowing the law enables you to understand your rights,
meet your responsibilities, and respect yourself and others, making your
life more meaningful and trouble-free.

Always remember, “ignorance of the law is no excuse!

You must accept responsibility for your actions, and you
must not blame your friends or your family for your own behavior.
The law is complex. We have tried to translate the law into a form that
is easy for you to read and understand, but you will want to check with
law enforcement officials or attorneys for more specifics and clarifications.

The law changes constantly. While we have tried to write what’s current in
the Florida statutes, federal statutes, and the Santa Rosa District School’s
Code of Student Conduct, we cannot guarantee that the information will be
current when you read it. You will want to check with local law enforcement
or school officials to stay current. The law is complex and voluminous. We
haven’t covered it all, but we hope the information in this guide will start
you on the road to knowing the law.

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Brought to you by The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, Crime Prevention Division.