Escambia County Jail

Escambia County Jail Assistance

Transferred-Inmate-ListModifications will be made to this list as needed.Posted 5-1-14 0930

Due to the tragic events at the Escambia County jail, The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is providing assistance and support to the inmates and Agencies involved.As of 8:00 am, we have received approximately 200 female inmates from the Escambia County Jail. Since their arrival, we have provided breakfast and clean uniforms.
These females are considered “Low Custody Level” inmates and have been placed in our Direct Supervision Unit. This DSU is part of our newest facility which was recently added to our existing jail. We have full medical staff this morning to conduct triage and follow-up medical care.We ask the media and the public give Escambia County and the SRSO time to work on the logistics during this tragic event. We are working to provide free telephone services for the newly arrived inmates from Escambia County so they can contact their loved ones.
We will also be working with Escambia County Officials to coordinate medical, court and release dates.Escambia County Inmates will not have visitation at this time. Our priority at this time are the basic essentials for the inmates. We will be providing additional information about our arrivals and visitation schedules on this page.For incident information, please visit www.MyEscambia.comMore information will be provided as it becomes available.
Due to space limitations at the Santa Rosa County Jail, several inmates were transferred to the Okaloosa County Jail. Click below to obtain the Transfer List. This transfer took take place on 5/2/14 at 0800 hrs.
 We are currently working on a visitation schedule. Reorganization of our inmate population has caused issues which are being tended to as quickly as possible.