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Clicking on the above link will provide information in a functional mapping program.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office has a staff of Crime Analysts that work diligently to determine crime statistics and patterns

Have you ever seen flashing blue lights in your neighborhood and wanted to know what was going on? Do you want to find out how safe your neighborhood really is?

Now you can, through a new partnership between the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office and CrimeReports, creators of the National Crime Map. The public can access crime 24 hours a day in Santa Rosa County. You can also download a free application for your !Phone from the Apple !Tunes store. This service allows citizens to sign-up for free custom email alerts and submit anonymous online tips so you can stay on top of crime in your neighborhood to help improve the safety of your neighborhood and your community.
The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is hoping that giving the community this information will help them to prevent crime in their neighborhoods. Sign up now for free email alerts of crimes in your neighborhood. Please visit this link ..


For questions related to Crime Reports you can refer them to our Crime Prevention and or Crime Analyst unit.


Kim Purvis

Crime Prevention

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office




Kathy Stinson

Crime Analyst

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office



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