The Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer.

Human Resource Office: (850) 983-1201

Work Schedules:

Deputy Sheriffs:

  • Full Time is 40 hours per week (Work hours are subject to change as the needs of the agency change).
  • Currently the Patrol Division work 4 days per week for 10 hours per day.
  • The days off rotate on a 28 day cycle, giving weekends off every other cycle.
  • The Shifts are permanent:  Days, Evenings, or Midnights.

Detention Deputies:

  • Full Time is 40 hours per week (Work hours are subject to change as the needs of the agency change).
  • The Department of Detention work 12 hours per day with rotating days off.
  • The Shifts are permanent Days or Midnights.

***All work schedules are subject to change without notice due to job assignment and/or agency needs.***


  • Health Insurance:  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
  • Employee’s is paid by the Agency.
  • Family Coverage is $350.00 per month ($175.00 per pay period)
  • PPO also available (Contact Human Resources)
  • Dental Insurance:  Blue Dental (Florida Combined Life)
  • Employee – $35.64 per month
  • Family – $102.47 per month
  • Vision Insurance: VisionCare or Ameritas Vision
  • Employee – $6.76 per month
  • Family – $19.34 per month
  • Life Insurance:
  • Provided by Agency: Employee – $25,000.00
  • Additional “In the Line of Duty Coverage: $70,700.700 Additional coverage is available at employee’s expense.

Retirement:  Florida Retirement System  (Employee pays 3%)



Any omission, falsification, misstatement or misrepresentation will be the basis for disqualification as an applicant with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office. All information pertaining to drug usage, arrest history, employment history, and driving records must be specified in the appropriate sections.

Application Information

  • Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.  Pay particular attention to the following areas:
  • If a question doesn’t apply, place N/A in the blank. Work history should reflect all previous employments.
  • All time must be accounted for, even if unemployed.
  • Attach additional pages if necessary.
  • Personal references must contain complete addresses to include zip codes, area codes and phone numbers.
  • Previous Employment History must contain complete addresses to include faxes, area codes, phone numbers, and ALL relevant information requested.


Required Documents for Application

The following original or certified documents must be turned in with your application. We will make copies and return the documents to you.

  • State Certification Exam Scores
  • Basic Recruit Certificate
  • Military DD214 reflecting discharge status
  • Birth Certificate
  • High School Diploma or GED with scores (College Transcripts)
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Documentation supporting legal name change, if applicable


Application and documentation must be returned by the applicant to Human Resources.

To schedule an appointment to turn in your application, please Human Resources at (850) 983-1206 or 983-1108.

All of the following steps must be completed by the applicant and returned to the Human Resource office.

 Pre-Employment Physical Abilities Test

Tentative Schedule

Each applicant must pass a pre-employment physical abilities test prior to being hired by the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office. Please look at the below schedule for an appropriate date for your test:

Contact Sylvia at (850) 983-1206 for current dates and times.

  • Applicants should report to the designated area at 0800 hours.
  • Physical Abilities Testing Checklist for Participants:
  • Must have Physician’s Clearance to Test endorsed by physician.
  • Wear exercise clothing and comfortable running shoes.
  • Come fully rested, without having eaten two to three hours prior to the test and in a fully hydrated state.
  • This is a test to measure your physical best, in other words, this test should result in a near maximal to maximal effort and fatigue should result.
  • Cancellation due to any reason will be notified only by Human Resources.

All forms are attached to the application above.

Step 3: Physicians Clearance to Test

Please have the attached form completed by your physician before attempting to engage in the physical abilities test

Effective January 1, 2010: All applicants must be able to pass the Physical Abilities Test (PAT) prior to employment as well as on an annual basis.

Step 4: Applicant Fingerprint Information

All applicants must complete a fingerprint information form and submit with their application packet.

Step 5: Domestic Violence Affidavit

All applicants must complete the attached domestic violence affidavit and submit with their application packet

Step 6: Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission Affidavit

All applicants must complete the attached CJSTC 68 form and submit with their application packet

Step 7: Non-Military Affidavit

All applicants must complete the attached non-military affidavit if they have never served in any branch of the armed forces.